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Company information

73 Avenue Gambetta
75020 Paris

Contact information Tel: +33 1 43 66 31 90
Fax : +33 1 43 66 51 13
Email : info@cimos.com

Corporate information
Foundation date April 1997
Number of permanent employees 10-50
Other locations MTM LinguaSoft
4621 Cedar Avenue
Philadelphia 19143

Company profile
Activity description Translation and Localisation
Multilingual Processing
Development of linguistic Software
Products and services description Automatic Translator Software (English, French, Arabic)
Universal Semantic Analyser
General and Specialized dictionaries (English, French, Arabic)
Topic and thesaurus dictionaries (English, French, Arabic)
Tools for NLP (Natural Language Processing)
Tools for NLU (Natural Language Understanding)
Translation and Localisation Services
Main customers Corporate, Government Agencies, Independant and In-house Translators, Research centers and Universities
Market sectors/area Export sector, Manufactured Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Publishing, Technical Documentation, Software Adaptation,
European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets, North Africa, U.S.A.

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