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Company information

33-35, rue Ledru-Rollin
94200 Paris

Contact information contact@lingway.com

Corporate information
Foundation date 2001
Number of permanent employees 10-50
Other locations  

Company profile
Activity description Lingway develops document solutions based on the use of language engineering technologies, which are particularly well adapted to the implementation of advanced functionalities such as research in natural language, automatic indexation, information extraction, summarization, and multilingual applications.
These solutions are implemented in various contexts, such as technology or competitor surveillance, e-commerce, or Knowledge Management.
Products and services description Lingway offers two types of products:
  • Specialised applications: these are products adapted to a particular usage in a defined domain. These products can be used directly, with little or no adaptation. Two first products of this type are available, one for the coding of medical information in the context of pharmacovigilance (monitoring the secondary effects of medicines), the other in the domain of Intellectual Property (patent databases).

  • Open-ended products: these are products which need to be adapted to the specific needs of new applications, notably in developing dictionaries adapted to the domain treated. In this case, the linguistic development is carried out by the teams at Lingway who are committed to the objectives of document retrieval quality (precision and recall) determined and evaluated according to methods which comply with the state of the art (such as those used by TREC, the Text Retrieval Conference).
Main customers Institut National de la Propriété Intellectuelle, INSEE, Association Pour l'Emploi des Cadres, EADS, Umanis, INTEREX, SchlumbergerSema, Office Européen des Brevets
Market sectors/area Patent Information, Pharmaceuticals
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