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Company information

6-8, rue du 4 Septembre
92130 Issy Les Moulineaux

Contact information Telá: +33 1 41 90 16 67

Corporate information
Foundation date August 2000
Number of permanent employees 50-100
Other locations In France : Paris - sales office and Research labs in Lannion & Rennes
Sales representatives : London (UK) and Munich (Germany)

Company profile
Activity description

Telisma is Europe's leading player in the field of speech recognition technologies for the mass market. Telisma's products are based on an innovative technology stemming from over 15 years of research within France Telecom R&D.

Created in 2000, Telisma is a private company headquartered in France. Its 55 employees are located in its commercial offices of Paris and its two research Labs of Lannion and Rennes. Telisma also operates from its local sales offices in London (UK) and Munich (Germany). The company gathers an outstanding management team and many of the most respected scientists in the field of voice recognition and dialogs ergonomics in Europe. It partners with the world's premier vendors of computer telephony hardware and platforms along with global brand name integrators.

Products and services description

The company has developed the only truly scalable carrier-grade ASR solution available to telecommunications carriers who require superior robustness, scalability and performance, especially in mobile environments. Telisma's product and services enables thereby operators and service providers to easily create and deploy large-scale user-friendly speech-enabled services at lower costs for enterprises and the general public.

The heart of Telisma's technology offering, these modules have been developed in the most demanding context: supporting applications designed for millions of users, at reasonable costs and with superior recognition accuracy, especially in situation of mobility.

They include the following elements:

  • ASR engine, a multilingual ASR engine with unparalleled density that offers high precision speech recognition and enables spontaneous requests to be handled;
  • Voice Distributed Framework, a multi-client/multi-server real-time distributed architecture. This framework enables upgrades without service interruption and is fault tolerant thanks to advanced redundancy mechanisms;
  • Dynamic Grammar Builder (DGB) a multi-client and multi-server component used to generate speech recognition grammars in real-time, during the dialog phases, from the compilation of ABNF or XML grammar in conformity with the recommendations of the W3C Working Draft of 20 August 2001;
  • License Server : the License Server manages customer permission according to the terms of the license;
  • Telisma ASR API: this object oriented API has been designed to provide integrators with the main functionalities of Philsoft ASR Engine and Dynamic Grammar Builder. A customisable application example shows how to use static and dynamic compiled grammars;
  • Modeling Studio: a graphical tool used to develop speech recognition grammar exploited by Philsoft to create speech-enabled applications;
  • Catalog languages: Belgian French, Brazilian Portuguese, Castilian Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, UK English, US English. (A language includes Modeling Database for Dynamic Grammar Builder and Modeling Studio, Built-in Grammars and several other grammars offering a exceptionally large rate of performance.);
  • MRCP server for seamless integration into any voice platform supporting the Media Resource Control Protocol standard. This server is integrated into Telisma's telco-oriented Voice Distributed Framework.

Main customers The technology commercialized by Telisma has been successfully deployed for mass market services by major European companies since as early as 1991 (CNET version). More than 35 000 ASR ports in telecommunication market have already been deployed with Telisma technology at France Telecom, Orange France, Afone/ France TÚlÚvision PublicitÚ, Macif Insurance, DHL, TF1 (French N░1 TV Channel), etc.
Market sectors/area Speech Recognition Market

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